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The osteopath diagnoses malfunctions and treats these.
Depending on the complaints of the patient treatment can take place at three levels:

Joint Normalisation®

With the purpose to reduce or cure loss of mobility and restriction of the joint through specific reflex-like mobilisations.

Visceral Normalisation®

The purpose is to balance visceral dysfunctions, if the relevant indication exists. Through specific pressure massage, oscillations, vibrations and palpitation the organs will retake their adaptive position and restore their movement.

The craniosacral Osteopathy

This type of therapy is basically for the treatment of the skull, spinal column and sacrum, jawbone, brain fluid and nervous system. The moving parts of the cranium and the sacrum connected through the various nerve structures, present a functional system, whereby problems and/or movement reduction in these areas could cause further consequential problems throughout the body's whole system - as an example: painfull chewing, headache , blood circulation problems, etc..

Chinesische Anthropo-Psychology

The functional disturbances of energetic origin can be determined as frequential disturbances of the motility. This will feel like an indisposition of the body (e.g. migraine, back pain, abdominal pain, sleep disorder…) or mind fluctuations (e.g. depressive condition after pregnancy, burnout…). This treatment is related to the classical acupuncture but differs in respect of the field of the dysfunctions For the treatments listed under Osteopathy a prescription is not needed and they are usually reimbursed under the additional insurance to Swiss obligatory medical insurance («Zusatzversicherung»), or else funded by the patient himself. Please check first with your health insurance company.

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